My Social Partner was founded in 2010 by Johan Wallin with the intent of helping businesses with their presence in Social Media. Johan has been involved with the Internet and its changes since 1996 when he, still in school in Sweden, created a website that got nearly 2 million views – huge at that time.

Social Media’s impact on how a business markets themselves has created a need for businesses to evolve and change the way they think when it comes to marketing and advertising. Brand recognition and brand reputation in Social Media is extremely important, and that’s where the beauty of Social Media comes in. Before it was the big companies that had a huge advantage because they could afford to “Pay to Play”, and spent the big dollars on advertisement to create a positive brand awareness. Smaller companies who didn’t have that kind of a marketing budget were at a great disadvantage. Now, with the breakthrough of Social Media, you have to “Play to Play” in order to truly reach the customer. You have to interact with them and to do so you have to go to the marketplace where the customer actually interacts – Social Media.

My Social Partner offers many different packages to help your business create a positive presence in Social Media. You will reach customers you would otherwise not be able to reach and as a result, your business will be able to grow in a way that would be impossible through “old-fashioned” marketing strategies.