Johan Wallin, the founder of My Social Partner, started in 1996 learning HTML coding. In the early stages of the Internet’s breakthrough Johan created a website about music on GeoCities (at the time, a popular “community site” by Yahoo) strictly from HTML coding that got nearly 2 million views. 2 million views at that time was huge, especially since the site wasn’t marketed. Over the years Johan has stayed involved with the evolvement of the Internet and Social Media and has created several websites, mainly as a secondary job function. During Johan’s career as a Commercial Property Manager, both for smaller companies and Fortune 500 companies, Johan has used his interest and knowledge of the Internet to implement changes for how customer service is handled.   Customer service is crucial to Johan.  As an early user of social media, Johan realized that there were a lot of small businesses that needed help with taking advantage of this new landscape for businesses that had formed through the explosive breakthrough of Social Media.

My Social Partner was started in 2010 with the intent of helping businesses improve their online presence through Social Media with the knowledge and genuine interest of My Social Partner’s team and network of affiliated companies.

The landscape for marketing has changed dramatically and companies need to dramatically change their marketing strategies. A company can no longer afford to not have a presence in Social Media. But what is also important is that the presence is positive and that it is managed properly. In reality, your business is better off not having a profile on Facebook and Twitter at all if it is never updated. Your initial customer will lose interest and you will lose them if your presence is not properly maintained. That is where My Social Partner comes in. We would love to be your partner with your Social Media presence and ensure that your efforts in Social Media marketing pays off. We offer several different packages and can even create a custom package for you to fit your company’s needs.