How to add your Facebook Page as your Employer on your personal Facebook profile

Promoting your Facebook page for your business isn’t always easy, but here is a short video showing you a really cool tip on one way of doing just that.

If you have a Facebook Page it would be a good idea to add it as your Employer, or to show the Facebook Page as the place you work at or the business you own, on your personal Facebook profile.

Well, Facebook doesn’t make that very easy because when you add your business to your personal profile, Facebook adds a generic community page that you can’t edit or add features to. In this short video I will show exactly how to add your Facebook Page instead of the generic community page. It will set it up so that you are automatically promoting your Facebook Page on your profile page.

Please let me know if you have any questions or comments or if you need help promoting your business.

PLEASE NOTE: The video on this page only shows you the first part of the process.

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Thank you for watching!

Johan Wallin
My Social Partner