The “new” Facebook for Pages is here.

As I posted on My Social Partner’s Facebook Wall a while back when Facebook changed the look of Pages just for a brief while, the change back to the old style would probably not last.  As you may have noticed, Facebook for Pages has now ‘permanently’ changed the look and feel to match the look and feel of a personal Facebook account.  While there are a lot of changes, the most substantial change, is that now you can actually switch and use Facebook as “Your Page”!  This dramatically changes how you, as a business, can communicate on Facebook.  You can comment on posts, like other pages, write comments etc. all in the entity of your business.  If you have a Facebook Page set up, click on “Account” and where you before would click on “Manage Pages” you now click on “Use Facebook as a Page” and select the page. Now you can communicate with others as your business and not have to use your personal profile whenever you communicate…  This is HUGE!

Johan Wallin
My Social Partner

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